Zoeller Tech en Polonia ha seleccionado sistemas de grúas ABUS

Manufacturers value quality and choose transport systems that meet certain standards with regard to service life and reliability. ABUS cranes and lifting systems fulfil these requirements.

The company Zoeller Tech sp. z o.o. (www.ekocel.pl) is part of the Zoeller-Kipper group (www.zoeller-kipper.de) with headquarters in Mainz in Germany. This group with over 900 staff has become one of the largest manufacturers of waste collection vehicles and so-called lifter systems in Europe. Zoeller Tech is really focused on quality management and on environmental management and has obtained the corresponding certificates EN-ISO 9001:2009 and EN-ISO 14001:2004. When Zoeller Tech needed crane systems for the production of waste collection vehicles, waste press vehicles, and road sweepers they chose the known brand ABUS crane systems to supply them.

In 2014 a new production plant was opened by Zoeller Tech at Rekowo Górne in the north of Poland not far from Gdansk. The floor space of over 18,000 square metres accommodates a production unit for welding, blasting, painting, and for mounting prepared parts and subassemblies. This production unit also houses the prototype construction and the service, another important business area of the company.

Plumas giratorias murales y grúas puente monorraíl en el lugar de trabajo en Zoeller Company Grúas giratorias murales en el puesto de trabajo para trabajos de soldadura en piezas pequeñas Puente grúa monorraíl con vigas de sección laminada y capacidad de carga de 8 t en nave de producción en Polonia Puente grúa monorraíl para el transporte de carrocerías de vehículos de recogida de basuras Grúas puente monorraíl con capacidades de carga entre 1 t y 8 t de la empresa Zoeller Tech 16 grúas puente monorraíl y 20 plumas giratorias murales para una empresa alemana en Polonia

Various types of ABUS EOT cranes, 16 in total, support the production of waste collection vehicles in particular but also of other machinery at Zoeller. In addition, 20 ABUS wall jib cranes of the VW design have been installed with load capacities between 0.5 and 1 tonnes and jib arm lengths between 5 and 8 metres. These jib cranes are designated workstation cranes and are used for welding tasks and smaller components. Once the components have undergone several production procedures they have reached such dimensions and such weights that EOT cranes are called for with higher load capacities. The cranes work on two levels: jib cranes are used on the lower level whereas EOT cranes on the upper level ensure transport. Thus continuous material flow is ensured for blasting, painting, and mounting of components. 

The 16 EOT cranes supplied consist of single girder cranes with SWL between 1 and 8 tonnes. Depending on the combination of spans and load capacities these cranes are designed as single girder cranes ELV with rolled section girders for smaller load capacities or as ELK with welded box girders. 

The products produced by Zoeller in Poland are supplied throughout Europe and further afield. In 2015 Zoeller Tech plans to install additional ABUS jib cranes in the production plant at Rekowo Górne. Sales, installation, and commissioning of all cranes are carried out by the Polish daughter company ABUS Crane Systems Polska with headquarters at Gliwice (www.abuscranes.pl).

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