Sistemas de grúa ABUS en KSB, un fabricante de bombas y robinetería industriales

The design of any new building should be based on a thorough profitability analysis. Prices for building plots, increasing specialisation in the production and the development of technologies all require that even in the early stages of designing a new industrial building emphasis it to be put on the optimisation of the costs. Spatial economics within the building are subject to detailed analysis and the right choice of means of transport inside the building has a great impact on the use of the space available. Thus—and justifiably so—professional assistance and the submission of technical solutions is expected from any prospective crane supplier.
KSB is an international corporation with over 141 years of experience. Today KSB is one of the world leaders in the production of pumps, valves, and control technology. The company is present in Poland as KSB Pompy i Armatura Sp. z o.o. ( and this year they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. During these past 20 years the company has served the Polish market continually and has supplied high-quality systems to be used in the industries, in power industries, in water management, in sewage industries, and in the installation industries. KSB also offers high-performance service.

Dos grúas giratorias montadas en columna con una capacidad de carga de 1 t cada una para la estación de servicio de las bombas más grandes Edificio de la empresa KSB en Polonia Grúas ABUS para toda la zona de trabajo de la nave de KSB Puente grúa de dos vigas con polipastos de cable para elevar y girar equipos de gran tamaño Grúa giratoria de columna para puestos de trabajo con granalladoras y un limpiador especial de alta presión

In 2012 a new service centre was created at Przyszowice, near Gliwice in Upper Silesia in southern Poland. This service centre is intended to provide a maximum of warranty service as well as after-sales support for the customers of the company KSB Pompy i Armatura Sp. z o.o. The provision of professional services is an integral part of the company’s tradition. This KSB quality is achieved by excellently trained staff as well as special equipment provided for the service centre.
One of the most important elements in the system for repairing huge pumps are crane systems. The KSB corporation—characterised by great emphasis on, and priority of, high quality and continuity of the operability of the service station—chose the brand ABUS as supplier for this equipment. ABUS crane systems are characterised by high reliability, uncomplicated service, and low failure rate. These characteristics in combination with professional assistance and service make ABUS one of the leading players in this industrial sector. This is the result of 50 years of experience in the production of crane systems. During this time a unique production cycle has been developed that is characterised by a high level of automation and robotisation. This guarantees a constant, reproducible, high standard of production of the crane systems and components.
The material flow technology offered by ABUS has been tailored to fit the requirements of the KSB service station. Two pillar jib cranes with load capacities of one tonne each serve the service station for bigger pumps and the station equipped with a blasting machine and a special high-pressure blaster. One wall jib crane with a lifting capacity of 250 kg is used to operate a grinding machine and a balancing machine. One double girder EOT crane with two wire rope hoists with lifting capacities of ten and four tonnes respectively is employed in lifting and turning larger devices such as pumps that are used in the energy, water, and waste water industries. The service station has also been fitted with a suspended rail system HB with two chain hoists with lifting capacities of one tonne each which are used in the maintenance of smaller devices in the service station. The diversity of the ABUS cranes installed makes it possible to serve the whole working area of the building and thus guarantee the continuous transport of the devices, and their components, to be serviced.
The Polish daughter company of the German supplier ABUS Kransysteme GmbH, the company ABUS Crane Systems Poland Sp. z o.o. at Gliwice (, was responsible for the turnkey supply to the company KSB Pompy i Armatura. ABUS Polska offers the whole gamut of services around crane systems: starting from the planning and design assistance and the selection of the optimal solution, through delivery and installation, on to the retrofitting of hoists and their equipment as well as warranty services and after-sales support.

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