Puentes-grúa ABUS en una producción de prefabricados de hormigón en Suecia

One tends to think of typical dark red wooden buildings when Swedish houses come to mind. And yet for quite some time the Swedish building industry has been relying on precast concrete units which have become an integral part in the building of houses and industrial buildings nowadays. The company Örs Cementgjuteri (www.orscementgjuteri.se) in Mellerud, north of Gothenburg, produces L and T shaped beams as well as tubes made of concrete. 9 staff are employed in the production achieving a turnover of 1.2 million Euros last year. 

Grúa puente ABUS de dos vigas ZLK y grúa puente de una viga ELK en Dahlgrens Cementgjuteri (Suecia) Carro monorraíl ABUS en puente grúa monorraíl ABUS Grúa puente ABUS de dos vigas ZLK y grúa puente de una viga ELK La empresa sueca Dahlgrens Cementgjuteri produce vigas en L y en T de hormigón La empresa Dahlgrens Cementgjuteri de Suecia produce tubos de hormigón Empleado delante de una nave industrial en la que se ve una grúa puente ABUS ZLK al fondo Grúa puente ABUS de doble viga con carro de doble carril

During the recent economic crisis which hit the Swedish building industry very badly also this company invested in a new factory building of 2,000 square metres and a total of four ABUS EOT cranes. The ABUS agency JJ-Gruppen (www.jjgruppen.se) at Kungsbacka assisted the company in optimising their material flow. They installed two double girder EOTs of the ZLK type with load capacities of 20 tons and spans of 19 metres as well as 2 single-girder EOTs of the ELK type with capacities of 12.5 tons and spans of 18 metres. The company is expecting to reduce production times by up to half thanks to the optimised material flow from the production through stocks and up to the loading of goods onto lorries. This investment has put the company in a good position for the future and the growing demand of precast concrete units. The company director, Mr Mats Larsson, emphasises: "We have been working together with ABUS for many years. We are convinced of the quality of their products as well as their consulting services and we know that we can always rely on clear and precise information."
The delivery has been topped off by a training for a crane driving license from the ABUS service and training programme.

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