Puentes grúa ABUS en un hangar para embarcaciones deportivas en España.

Summer time – holiday time. In many places along the Mediterranean coast the observer will find the same scenery repeated: Pleasure craft and yachts bob up and down in safe harbours waiting to be taken out to sea again. But wait a minute: what happens to these boats in winter time? Where do they go to be protected from raging storms and slashing rain that might damage them?

The Spanish company METROPOL NAUTICAS (www.metropol.es) offers the ideal solution: Since 1974 METROPOL has been specialising in maintaining pleasure craft and yachts and also in storing them safely during the winter. METROPOL has obtained a top position in this market segment in Spain where it is now present at a dozen sites and is also taking the lead in Europe.

Grúa puente ABUS de doble viga Grúa puente ABUS de doble viga Grúa puente ABUS de doble viga Puente grúa birraíl ABUS La empresa española Metropol Nauticas Barcos de recreo y yates en el puerto de España

At the Empuriabrava site near Girona the boats arrive via a special transporter. The craft are then very carefully lifted into their planned storage place in the bay with the help of an EOT crane that is equipped with a crossbeam. For many years now METROPOL has been trusting ABUS EOT cranes to carry out this delicate transport task that involves moving yachts with values beyond one million Euros in some cases. The two existing EOT cranes have just been joined by two more ABUS double girder EOT cranes with a load capacity of 20 tons and a span of 25 metres in an extension to the building. The whole project has been carried out and supervised by ABUS’ Spanish daughter company ABUS Grúas (www.abusgruas.es).

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