En casi todas las empresas productoras hay que solucionar funciones de transporte. En la siguiente galería de fotografías le mostramos lo variadas y, a veces, difíciles que pueden llegar a ser estas funciones.

Septiembre 2012

Puentes grúas ABUS en una fábrica de máquinas agrícolas en Alemania

Looking back just 150 years and it becomes clear very quickly that agricultural business at the time meant hard physical work and working by hand. It was only through increasing industrialisation thanks to the invention of steam engines that agriculture saw industrial-mechanical processes introduced which lead to work-sharing production.

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Agosto 2012

Puente-grúa ABUS muy grande en una compañía eléctrica en Noruega

Norway has a long tradition of making use of hydropower: It was in 1895 that the State of Norway acquired the first waterfall to generate power for a railway line thus setting a milestone for generating energy from hydropower. By now Norway generates 99% of its energy in either hydropower plants or in storage power plants.

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Julio 2012

Más que un producto – Soluciones para el transporte interno de cargas

Imagine a country the size of a continent that only opened up its market for imported products as recently as twenty years ago: that is Brazil, a country that has reached the status of being the biggest economy in Latin America despite its fairly recent history.

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Junio 2012

ABUS sistemas de grúa en NedTrain Componenten en los Países Bajos.

Thinking of means of transport in the Netherlands the bicycle comes to mind straight away. This country is marked by cycle paths all over.

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Mayo 2012

Puentes grúas ABUS en el Rolls-Royce Marine Service Center en Polonia

Rolls-Royce is a brand that is usually associated with luxury cars. In 1998 the right to manufacture vehicles under this name was acquired by Volkswagen and since 2003 it has belonged to BMW. The prestigious ‘Rolls-Royce’ trademark is active in many industry branches keeping its highest standards of products and services.

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Abril 2012

Cinco puentes grúas ABUS en una empresa de maquinaria para trabajar la madera

En un mundo con un volumen de ventas en crecimiento continuo y una logística cada vez más rápida, hay un detalle que uno casi puede escaparse pero que sin el que el flujo de bienes seguramente no funcionará tan perfectamente: es el palet estándar que permite de transportar todo tipo de bienes y mercancías. 

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Marzo 2012

Con la seguridad de ABUS: Puentes grúa ABUS en estaciónes de bote salvavidas en Inglaterra

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a British & Irish charity whose lifeboat crews have saved over 139,000 lives at sea since 1824. Its volunteers provide a 24-hour maritime search and rescue service around the UK and Republic of Ireland, operating over 230 Lifeboat Stations and 300 lifeboats.

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Febrero 2012

Puentes grúa y grúas pluma ABUS en una empresa de construcción metálica en Suecia

Sweden is well known for two things in particular among many others: its passion for winter sports and a long tradition in producing steel. LECOR Stålteknik AB, a company in Kungälv (north of Gothenburg), married these two in a spectacular project: the ski-jump at Holmenkollen.

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Enero 2012

Polipastos de cadena, puentes grúa y sistema HB de ABUS en los talleres de escenario en Berlín.

In the leading roles of Wagner’s lavishly enacted opera “Tristan and Iseult”: singers and musicians of international distinction. In major supporting roles: Products of the company ABUS Kransysteme acting behind the curtains.

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Noviembre 2011

Dos puentes grúa ABUS muy grandes en los Emiratos Árabes Unidos.

Higher, larger, wider: the United Arab Emirates are the place where records go from strength to strength. One of the best known one would be the Burj al Arab, the luxury hotel in Dubai, which for many years held the record of being the highest of its kind worldwide.

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