En casi todas las empresas productoras hay que solucionar funciones de transporte. En la siguiente galería de fotografías le mostramos lo variadas y, a veces, difíciles que pueden llegar a ser estas funciones.

Mayo 2014

Noremat – un especialista del mantenimiento de carreteras sirviéndose del equipo ABUS

Noremat is a family-owned private company founded in 1981 at Ludres near Nancy in the northeast corner of France.

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Abril 2014

Puentes-grúa ABUS en una empresa sueca que fabrica maquinaria de transformación de metales

The Swedish company AP&T is a specialist in the sheet-metal forming industry. AP&T develop, produce, and market automation systems, presses, and complete production systems.

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Marzo 2014

FUTURE FIBRES - Polipastos eléctricos de cadena ABUS para manipular mástiles de embarcaciones de última generación

Equipos en sincronización perfecta. Prácticamente todo el mundo ha visto una regata, ya sea presenciándola directamente o bien a través del televisor. Estamos todos de acuerdo en que son un acontecimiento sorprendente y que arrastra grandes masas. Son realmente una prueba de destreza y resistencia tanto de los participantes como de las embarcaciones.

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Febrero 2014

Puentes grúa ABUS ayudan a cambiar la mezcla de energía en Inglaterra

ABUS overhead cranes have recently become part of the latest chapter in the story of a company whose bridging and heavy plate steel fabrication has helped to develop infrastructure across Europe since the 1840s.

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Enero 2014

Sistemas de grúa ABUS en KSB, un fabricante de bombas y robinetería industriales

KSB is an international corporation with over 141 years of experience. Today KSB is one of the world leaders in the production of pumps, valves, and control technology. The company is present in Poland as KSB Pompy i Armatura Sp. z o.o. and this year they are celebrating their 20th anniversary.

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Noviembre 2013

Puentes grúa ABUS en un fabricante de máquinas de corte y de desbobinar

Normally, if you think of foil you think of a very thin sheet of metal or a thin layer of plastic material. Foil was first known to be made from gold leaf laboriously hammered by hand and was used to hold gemstones. Over time foil became synonymous with very thin material with a large surface that is almost tear-proof.

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Octubre 2013

Puentes grúa ABUS en Sanmar, un fabricante turco de remolcadores

In recent years Turkey has become an emerging trading and industrial nation, a hub between east and west, between north and south. Turkey’s territory sits on two continents and can boast a coast of 7,200 kilometres. Important waterways such as the Bosporus, the Dardanelles, the Suez canal, and Gibraltar at the other end of the Mediterranean make the country an integral part of global business.

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Septiembre 2013

Puentes grúa ABUS en una fábrica brasileña proveedora del automóvil

The company Bruning Tecnometal (www.bruning.com.br) was founded at Panambi, a small town in the south of Brazil, in 1947 to service imported agricultural machinery. After some years Bruning started to construct smaller agricultural machines themselves.

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Agosto 2013

Puentes grúa monorraíl de consola en una empresa de maquinaria en los Paises Bajos

STAJA is a Dutch steel construction company specialising in construction works and mass welding for the international sales markets. Staja is not only supplying customers in Western European countries but also has customers in Canada and Japan.

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Julio 2013

ABUS puente grúa en una empresa de tubos de acero inoxidable en Finlandia

On the west coast of Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia, you will find an area of towns and municipalities where both Swedish and Finnish are spoken. One of these municipalities is Jakobstad, or Pietarsaari in Finnish. The town was founded in 1652.

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