En casi todas las empresas productoras hay que solucionar funciones de transporte. En la siguiente galería de fotografías le mostramos lo variadas y, a veces, difíciles que pueden llegar a ser estas funciones.

Junio 2015

Zoeller Tech en Polonia ha seleccionado sistemas de grúas ABUS

Manufacturers value quality and choose transport systems that meet certain standards with regard to service life and reliability. ABUS cranes and lifting systems fulfil these requirements.

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Mayo 2015

Reequipamiento de un puente grúa ABUS con un segundo polipasto en Noruega

The Norwegian company Brunvoll A/S (www.brunvoll.no) at Molde on the west coast of Norway is steeped in tradition: in their own company-owned museum they can look back on well over one hundred years of eventful company history. Today Brunvoll A/S is one of the world leaders in the sphere of propulsion and manoeuvring of shipping vessels.

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Abril 2015

Servicio técnico para pesos pesados en la industria minera mediante puentes grúa ABUS

Heavy plants tend to be employed where mining takes place. Caterpillar produces many of these heavy machineries and vehicles and sells them globally. Pon Equipment is Caterpillar’s agent for Scandinavia and for the Netherlands. The Swedish part of Pon Equipment’s business has offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm and they also have a huge central warehouse at Rosersberg near Stockholm’s airport.

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Marzo 2015

ABUS puentes grúa para innovaciones subacuáticas a nivel alto

Formed in 1985 by a team of experienced engineers and diving professionals, Subsea Innovation is a company dedicated to delivering state of the art engineering products to the offshore Oil & Gas and Energy industries throughout the world.

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Febrero 2015

El Sistema HB ABUS – hecho a medida para muebles sobre medida

“The wood we work with is as unique as the tree it has come from.” This is the motto of the company Holzmanufaktur Lorenz, a joinery at Kirchzarten which is near Freiburg in the far south west corner of Germany. Holzmanufaktur Lorenz make sophisticated furniture and facilities under the guidance of the company owner, Mr Jürgen Lorenz, and with the help of 30 staff.

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Enero 2015

Puentes grúa y plumas ABUS trabajando con ventiladores industriales

La empresa Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH surgió a partir de los trabajos con máquinas de Anton Piller, fundada en Hamburgo, Alemania, en 1909 y que inicialmente solía fabricar sopladores y fuelles para fraguas. Hoy en día la sede central se encuentra en Moringen, un pueblo del estado alemán de la Baja Saxonia, y la compañía se encuentra entre los principales productores de sopladores y compresores de alto rendimiento.

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Noviembre 2014

ABUS Puentes grúa y Sistemas HB en una fábrica de ventanas en Suiza

Windows have always had the purpose to let light and air into buildings. However, today a window is not just a window: Windows are building elements and have to meet the highest demands of design, safety, and technology. Thermal insulation reduces the loss of heat, and sound proofing keeps the noise out.

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Octubre 2014

Cinco puentes-grúa ABUS en KFK Tehnika, un fabricante croata de fachadas de aluminio y de cristal

Today’s business objects with their modern design and superior quality are produced by specialised companies. One of these companies is KFK Tehnika Ltd.: their experience contributes to the construction of many famous buildings in Croatia, in Europe, and even worldwide.

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Septiembre 2014

ABUS Puentes grúa monorrailes en una empresa elaborando metales en Alemania

The company AMCO Metall-Service GmbH with headquarters in Bremen in Germany was founded in 1980 and has since been engaged in the supply and the treatment of non-ferrous metal semi-finished products. 220 staff work for AMCO in the large warehouse and in the administration in Bremen as well as in several sales points throughout Germany.

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Agosto 2014

Puente-grúa birraíl ZLK con dos polipastos en la fábrica de bombas KSB

The principle of the so-called spiral pump or Archimedean screw pump—used to pump water from one level to another either for watering or for drainage—is still to be found in many applications today. This screw pump goes back to a development attributed to the Greek mathematician, inventor, and engineer Archimedes who lived in the third century BC.

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