En casi todas las empresas productoras hay que solucionar funciones de transporte. En la siguiente galería de fotografías le mostramos lo variadas y, a veces, difíciles que pueden llegar a ser estas funciones.

Mayo 2011

Puentes-grúa ABUS en una producción de prefabricados de hormigón en Suecia

One tends to think of typical dark red wooden buildings when Swedish houses come to mind. And yet for quite some time the Swedish building industry has been relying on precast concrete units which have become an integral part in the building of houses and industrial buildings nowadays.

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Abril 2011

Una unión perfecta de nueva tecnología y artesanía en Dinamarca

Denmark is a country surrounded by over 7,000 kilometres of coastline and has long enjoyed a multifaceted tradition of building boats resulting in a great variety of types and sizes of boats being built. One type of craft has been in use in Denmark since time immemorial which is suitable for landing directly on the beach.

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Marzo 2011

Cinco puentes-grúa ABUS soportan estructura metálica premiada

One might feel like the Lilliputians in Jonathan Swift's novel "Gulliver's Travels" when he approaches the modern art sculpture "Exposure" designed by British Artist Antony Gormly. This sculpture stands 25.6 m high, weighs 60 tonnes and is situated in Lelystad on the Zuiderzee coast east of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Febrero 2011

Ocho puentes-grúa ABUS en una producción de perfiles de aluminio

Hydro Building Systems France (HBSF) is the French daughter company of the Norwegian group Hydro and employs 1,650 employees at various locations in France. HBSF supplies metal products to the automobile industry and specialises in developing and producing aluminium profiles for doors, windows, glass roofs, conservatories, and railings and have just recently invested 25 million Euros into a completely new building at Soissons, just northeast of Paris.

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Enero 2011

Puente-grúa ABUS de 100 t para una aplicación de criogénica

Heating and cooling play important roles in many industrial applications and processes. The company Chart Industries Inc. (www.chartindustries.com) is one of the world leaders when it comes to cryogenic applications. Chart Industries Inc. offer standardised solutions of low temperature and cryogenic engineering as well as customised ones.

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Noviembre 2010

Puente-grúa de mantenimiento en una isla alemana

Tourists wishing to make their way to the East Frisian Island of Langeoog (meaning long island in the local lingo) will have to leave their cars on the mainland and cross by ferry over to the island which is devoid of standard motorised vehicles (except for the fire engine and the ambulance).

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Octubre 2010

Puente-grúa ABUS en un rascacielos en Londres

London is preparing the Olympic Games 2012 and is already starting to set records not only in various sporting disciplines. The latest record to be set is the construction of the tallest building, the so-called Shard, a building that when completed in 2012, it will be the tallest building inLondon, the UK and the European Union standing at 310 m (1,017 ft) tall and having 72 conventional floors.

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Septiembre 2010

Tres puentes grúa en una planta de producción de estructuras metálicas en República Checa.

If you were to travel by train in the Czech Republic and had to cross a railway bridge made of steel you could be almost certain that this construction would contain elements made by the company MCE Slany s.r.o.

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Agosto 2010

Grúas ABUS para embarcaciones de lujo en Holanda.

Passion - Performance - Perfection: this is the motto of the builder of luxury yachts at Oss, Heesen, one of the world leaders in this segment. More than 150 luxury yachts have been built in the small town west of Nijmegen and have been delivered to their new owners since Frans Heesen took over the shipyard in 1978.

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Julio 2010

Puentes grúa ABUS en un hangar para embarcaciones deportivas en España.

Summer time – holiday time. In many places along the Mediterranean coast the observer will find the same scenery repeated: Pleasure craft and yachts bob up and down in safe harbours waiting to be taken out to sea again. But wait a minute: what happens to these boats in winter time?

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