En casi todas las empresas productoras hay que solucionar funciones de transporte. En la siguiente galería de fotografías le mostramos lo variadas y, a veces, difíciles que pueden llegar a ser estas funciones.

Octubre 2011

Dos puentes-grúa ABUS muy grandes en una fábrica proveedor del automóbil en Irlanda

The county of Carlow in the south western part of Ireland is famous for its prehistoric dolmens and in Browneshill you can find the very special Neolithic portal tomb with the biggest capstone in Ireland. This granite capstone has some very impressive data: The stone weighs about 100 t, measures, 4.7 x 8.1 m and has a thickness of about 2 m.

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Septiembre 2011

Con ABUS a las estrellas – polipastos de cadena y sistemas HB en un observatario en la montaña alemana

Mankind has always been fascinated with the firmament and celestial bodies. It comes as no surprise astronomy is considered one of the oldest sciences. There is evidence of sky-watching from nearly all cultures and eras. Often sky-watchers had only simple tools we would consider almost primitive today.

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Agosto 2011

Puentes-grúa ABUS en una fábrica de elementos de hormigón en Noruega

Staff at the Norwegian company Björn Hansen A/S (www.spennbetong.no) may take their inspiration from the "Preikestolen" to be found near where they are doing their jobs at Forsand.

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Julio 2011

Puentes-grúa ABUS en las fábricas de Samsung en Polonia

In December 2009, Samsung Electronics, a member of the South-Korean Samsung Group, acquired two factories from the Polish company Amica Wronki SA. Washing machines and refrigerators are produced there and will go to markets all over Europe.

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Junio 2011

Puente grúa ABUS para desmontar una tuneladora

Al travesar Sorbas, un pueblo pequeño y tranquilo en el Sur de España (en la provincia de Almería) uno no puede imaginar qué actividades hay en el subsuelo... Al mirar este pueblo un poco más de cerca uno constatará que Sorbas es un punto de gran interés en la nueva línea del AVE entre Almería y Murcia que tendrá 185 km de doble vía.

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Mayo 2011

Puentes-grúa ABUS en una producción de prefabricados de hormigón en Suecia

One tends to think of typical dark red wooden buildings when Swedish houses come to mind. And yet for quite some time the Swedish building industry has been relying on precast concrete units which have become an integral part in the building of houses and industrial buildings nowadays.

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Abril 2011

Una unión perfecta de nueva tecnología y artesanía en Dinamarca

Denmark is a country surrounded by over 7,000 kilometres of coastline and has long enjoyed a multifaceted tradition of building boats resulting in a great variety of types and sizes of boats being built. One type of craft has been in use in Denmark since time immemorial which is suitable for landing directly on the beach.

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Marzo 2011

Cinco puentes-grúa ABUS soportan estructura metálica premiada

One might feel like the Lilliputians in Jonathan Swift's novel "Gulliver's Travels" when he approaches the modern art sculpture "Exposure" designed by British Artist Antony Gormly. This sculpture stands 25.6 m high, weighs 60 tonnes and is situated in Lelystad on the Zuiderzee coast east of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Febrero 2011

Ocho puentes-grúa ABUS en una producción de perfiles de aluminio

Hydro Building Systems France (HBSF) is the French daughter company of the Norwegian group Hydro and employs 1,650 employees at various locations in France. HBSF supplies metal products to the automobile industry and specialises in developing and producing aluminium profiles for doors, windows, glass roofs, conservatories, and railings and have just recently invested 25 million Euros into a completely new building at Soissons, just northeast of Paris.

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Enero 2011

Puente-grúa ABUS de 100 t para una aplicación de criogénica

Heating and cooling play important roles in many industrial applications and processes. The company Chart Industries Inc. (www.chartindustries.com) is one of the world leaders when it comes to cryogenic applications. Chart Industries Inc. offer standardised solutions of low temperature and cryogenic engineering as well as customised ones.

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